5 Basic Methods of Learning English Fast & 5 Amazing Tips



You read too much. Read what happens to your hand. Read English books, newspapers, magazines. Take from the story books that tell children stories without ever having to go. Such books will be of great help to you as they are written in simple and clear terms that are understandable to children. Much to read means to see many words many times. This will improve your vocabulary.

Use Dictionary

But which dictionary? Give up bilingual Your language- English and English – Your language) dictionaries. They are too much of your business and lead to laziness. There are simple English-English dictionaries for learners of English. Use them

Lifehack#1 Have a lexical notebook near you to keep records of new language


Even if you don’t understand it, listen continuously. This ear provides familiarity and helps you to improve your pronunciation. You hear again and again that you begin to recognize words.

Lifehack#2  Follow English speakers on Instagram

If you are on Instagram almost all day, you need to start following native speakers of the language you want to be fluent in. If you do this, chances are you will always see new pictures and stories of these people, and somehow you’ll be practicing your listening or reading skills at the language. You can search for native speakers or learners of English through hashtags (eg: #English)

Lifehack#3 Subscribe to Youtube channels of English native speakers

If you loooove Youtube, start following people creating videos in English. Try to look for videos or Youtubers that are appealing to you. For example, if you like watching tutorial videos, try to find this kind of content. If you like prank videos, go for them. Just make sure you are watching them in the language you are learning.


Look at English-speaking forums, write reviews, ask questions. Even make friends and chat via messenger or facebook. It is much more convenient to speak in correspondence with each other. You will set yourself up in your thoughts, and you will not be ashamed. You have done great practices too.

Lifehack#4 Have a workbook near you to practice every time you feel like it

Lifehack#5 Plan and track your language learning

 You can plan your goals and study schedule (with different days for grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening, etc), and you can also track the days you have actually studied or the level you are at the moment.

And Talk

Do not hesitate to speak English to people. With your friends, you can start by making experiments with your family. You can switch to cam chat with your foreign friends. If you are going to be a little embarrassed in the beginning, you will gradually be relieved and your language will start to unravel.

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