1k Unit 1 Lesson 6 Yes, I CAN

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відповідайте, як ви думайєте
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Питання про історію The Great Britain (написати в зошиті)

1. How many countries are there in the UK? Can you name them?

2. Describe the flag of the UK. Do you know its nickname?

3. How many people live in the UK?

4. What’s the capital of England?

5. Where does the Queen live?

6. Name a Scottish water monster.

7. Which flower is also a symbol of England?

8. What’s the national sport of Wales?

9. What’s the capital of Scotland?

10. What’s the name of the most popular British band of the 60s?

11. Which brown, fiery liquid is made in Scotland?

12. Name 6 typical things that can be found in an English breakfast.

13. Which London attraction has a body part in its name?

14. What’s the capital of Northern Ireland?

15. How many leaves does the national flower of Northern Ireland have?

16. What’s the name of the skirt men sometimes wear in Scotland?

17. A prehistoric circle of stones dating back 5000 years is a big tourist attraction. What’s it called?

18. What’s the capital of Wales?

19. Name the two most famous English universities.

20. What’s the highest mountain in the UK?